Sound Legal Advice On Business And Commercial Contracts

Businesses exist to make profits and profit-making comes about in large part through commercial activities such as buying, selling, leasing and franchising. At the heart of all these commercial matters are contracts. Contracts may be spoken or written.

A business's very viability may be at stake when contracts are being created and formalized. Sound business practices incorporate use of legal counsel to ensure that contracts protect the interests of both parties who sign binding agreements.

A Business Contracts Law Firm In Conway

Rippy, Stepps & Associates is a valuable resource establishing business owners preparing, negotiating and signing contracts, such as:

  • Business formation contracts establishing partnerships and corporations
  • Business operating agreements, including bylaws for how a business will be managed
  • Employment contracts
  • Executive compensation agreements
  • Purchase orders
  • Buy-sell agreements involving equipment, raw materials, finished products or services
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial leases
  • Property management agreements
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • Business reorganization and dissolution agreements

Serving Central Arkansas Businesses Of All Sizes And Varieties

Our clients include a diverse group of businesses of all sizes. Business law attorneys have earned their loyalty through consistent quality legal services — including contract drafting and contract review — that focus on their needs and interests. Owners and managers of these businesses recognize that legal fees to ensure efficient, reliable business transactions are a sound investment.

Discuss your business's legal needs related to contracts with our attorneys. Learn how Rippy, Stepps & Associates can help streamline contractual activities of your business. Call 501-358-3932 or email us to schedule a consultation with business law attorneys.