Guardianships For Adults And Minors

When parents of minors have died or are unable to care for their children, a guardianship for the child or children is a common solution. Likewise, when adults of any age are unable to manage their own affairs, whether because of mental or physical incapacitation or any other reason, a guardianship can put legal protections in place for the person in need of care as well as for whoever takes responsibility for that person's personal business.

Adult Guardianship

Whether you are looking for legal guidance in hopes of establishing a guardianship for an adult or child in central Arkansas, Rippy, Stepps & Associates can assist you. This law firm has seen increasing needs for adult guardianships for many reasons, including for the care of people with Alzheimer's and dementia.

There may already be a power of attorney in place but you have found that banks and other institutions consider it too old to be considered valid without further evidence. You may need to ask a court to determine that the adult in question is permanently unable to effectively receive or evaluate information or both or make or communicate decisions, and a legal guardianship is needed.

Our attorneys can help you obtain up-to-date guardianship documents for your family member or other "ward."

Guardianship For Children

You may be a grandparent caring for grandchildren in a parental role. Adoption is not in the plans but you need legal authority to take the grandchildren to the doctor, enroll them in school and make other decisions and arrangements for them. Rippy, Stepps & Associates can guide you through the necessary steps for getting minor guardianships in place.

Perhaps parents serve overseas in the military, are planning to go on a cruise or are otherwise unavailable or unable to care for their children temporarily. An aunt, uncle or grandparent may take on parental responsibilities with full authority if a guardianship is in effect. Rippy, Stepps & Associates can help you determine the best legal arrangements to match the circumstances and guide you through the steps to obtain guardianship, powers of attorney or other legal remedies. Ask a lawyer for help with any custody or guardianship need.

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