Veterans' Benefits — The Basics

If you or your loved one is an aging or disabled veteran, it is important to be informed about your rights and know how to gain access to benefits you are eligible for. Rippy, Stepps & Associates have helped many veterans tap into benefits they didn't realize they could receive — or didn't know how to apply for. If you have applied and been denied or have not received an answer from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), do not give up without consulting with a lawyer.

Aid And Attendance — A Key Benefit For Qualifying Veterans

You may be eligible for Aid and Attendance on top of your basic pension if you are a wartime veteran, are seriously disabled, have limited or no income, are age 65 or older, or are younger than 65 but permanently and totally disabled. This is a tax-free pension benefit. Your disabilities do not have to have resulted from your military service. You may need to meet medical requirements as well as financial ones. If you are a surviving spouse of a wartime veteran, you may also be eligible. Aid and Attendance can be used to pay for long-term care at home or in a care facility.

The Application Process Can Be Burdensome And Time-Consuming

Rippy, Stepps & Associates can guide you through the process of applying and confirming that you receive what you are eligible for, up to the current monthly maximum, as follows:


  • Maximum Monthly Benefit for Veteran: $1,788
  • Maximum Monthly Benefit for Veteran and Spouse: $2,120
  • Maximum Monthly Benefit for Surviving Spouse: $1,149

Note: These are maximum benefit amounts and the actual benefit that is approved may be less. Also, VA Aid and Attendance benefits are tax free.

Do You Qualify For Aid And Attendance Benefits? Rippy, Stepps & Associates Can Answer Questions.

Our law firm can evaluate your case and verify whether you meet the required income and asset tests. Ask us about the definition of Income for VA Purposes (IVAP) and what this likely means to your eligibility or ineligibility. Call 501-358-3932 or send an email to reach our law offices and learn what we can do for you.