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June 2018 Archives

Not trying to sidestep probate may be estate planning error

Probate can be a big pain -- not to mention costly -- so not trying to avoid it might be a mistake. Arkansas residents involved in estate planning may already know that assets that go to beneficiaries usually have to pass through the probate process. And to complicate matters, the estates of those who own properties in more than one state may have to go through the process in those states as well.

Estate planning for same-sex couples in Arkansas

The definition of family has changed drastically. Same-sex couples can now marry legally in Arkansas as in all states and are able to access all the estate planning tools and advice that have been available to their heterosexual counterparts for years. But many have yet to take advantage of it.

Trusts: Making changes to a revocable living trust in Arkansas

Once it has been determined that a revocable living trust is an essential part of an estate plan, it's important to know how to make changes to it. Such trusts give Arkansas residents the flexibility to make appropriate changes to the document keeping in line with life situation changes. This type of trust is not carved in stone and can actually be revoked at any time. 

Arkansas estate planning: No plan means more grief for loved ones

Dying without an estate plan can leave already grieving loved ones with more woes down the line. When Arkansas residents take the time for estate planning, they are essentially giving their family members a gift. Dying without having anything in place, including a will -- or dying intestate -- means that the state will, in effect, create a will for the deceased person. So, not having proper documents in place is not conducive to having the true last wishes of the deceased carried out.

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