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August 2018 Archives

Estate planning doubly important for Arkansas entrepreneurs

Planning for the future may be even more important for business owners. Arkansas entrepreneurs may not realize the importance of estate planning and how it can affect their businesses after they're deceased. It just might be that many of a business owner's assets is in the person's company, and plans should be in place for the business to either pass to a family member or members or to be sold at a fair market price.

Estate planning not just for Arkansas residents with many assets

Most everyone has something of value. When it comes to estate planning, Arkansas residents don't have to have to be wealthy to write estate plans. Such a plan gives direction to loved ones when someone is not around to do that anymore. A plan can also encompass last wishes and what the person wants done with his or her personal items. Much has to do with leaving family members with much less stress amid losing someone they love.

Do you have to be wealthy to make a trust?

People want to provide for their families. Part of that, unfortunately, includes thinking about what will happen to your family when you are no longer able to care for them. Estate planning is an important part of ensuring your family will be taken care of in the future and is something everyone should think about.

Micro estate planning: Looking after kids' best interests

Parents may wish to give thought about what might happen to their kids immediately after they parents pass away. General estate planning can provide the names of guardians for the children, but what about immediate guardianship? This is where micro estate planning may be something for Arkansas parents to consider.

Estate planning in Arkansas: Getting the right help

Preparing for life's unforeseen events is a good thing. Arkansas residents who are considering venturing into the realm of estate planning, may wish to consider not going it alone. Some of the programs that are offered online aren't all-encompassing either and can cost more in the long run. Much depends on a person's unique circumstances and what's involved in terms of assets, yet it is typically always wise to get the help of a an estate planning attorney.

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