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November 2018 Archives

Estate planning faux pas of divorced Arkansas women

Many married women leave the financial aspects of their relationships to their partners. That can pose a real problem if she finds that her marriage is on the skids and she's headed for a divorce. When it comes to estate planning, some divorced Arkansas women may not even know where to begin, if they begin at all and that is probably the number one mistake -- not planning for unforeseen events.

Trusts can help to prepare for life's unforeseen events

Disasters happen, and being prepared for them can mean the difference between leaving family members more despondent than they would be or having them breathe a collective sigh of relief. One of the ways Arkansas residents can be prepared for unforeseen events is by setting up trusts. A trust will likely round out an all-encompassing estate plan, which could also include a will and power of attorney.

How to navigate probate in Arkansas

When a loved one dies, there can be some confusion about who inherits property and other assets. The process of settling an estate is called probate and here are some tips on how to navigate probate in Arkansas.

Estate planning part of emergency financial kit

There may be times in life that come as a surprise and some of those surprises may put a damper on happy circumstances, but there can be plans put into place to offset unforeseen events. Arkansas residents who are considering estate planning might also want to consider having an emergency kit ready pertaining to finances should life throw them a few curve balls along the way. There are some things that would be wise to have in a financial emergency kit.

Important estate planning considerations for your assets

Planning for the future is an important and prudent step, regardless of a person's income level or the size of his or her estate. When moving forward with the process of estate planning, it may be beneficial to consider what will happen to specific valuable assets. This includes what many call hard assets, such as valuable jewelry, collectibles, art and more. 

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