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December 2018 Archives

Which type of trust is better in estate planning?

For individuals thinking about how trusts might benefit them when planning their estates, the decision between a revocable and an irrevocable trust might seem perplexing. That estate planning decision pretty much hinges on how much control a grantor wishes to have over his or her assets. There are certain things a trust can and can't do for Arkansas residents.

Making the right decisions when it comes to estate planning

Writing down one's final wishes can be both daunting and stressful. But when Arkansas residents are aware of what not to do when in the throes of estate planning, the road may be a lot less bumpy. Estate planning need not be a chore, especially when looking at it from the perspective of making life much easier for loved ones. For wishes to be carried out the way a testator would like, there must be some sort of planning documents in existence, and the more comprehensive they are, the better.

Do I want a revocable or irrevocable trust?

Retirement age is about the time that most American’s get serious about organizing their estate plan. Although many people appreciate the value of an estate plan earlier in life, it’s one of those tasks that is easily put off for either personal or financial reasons. When the time arrives to get serious, the estate planning learning curve can be overwhelming to many. To clear up any confusion, here is an overview of one the most common questions asked during estate planning.

Family squabbles could threaten estate planning in Arkansas

When it comes to anything with a monetary value, people can become quite irate. Arkansas residents who are thinking about estate planning ought to know that their family members could stir the pot when it comes to what they will or won't receive in terms of being named beneficiaries of a will. Sometimes the death of loved one brings out the claws in many relatives, and it's best to know this when drafting estate plan documents.

Revisiting old estate planning documents

Once people have taken the time to put in place all the legal documents associated with their estate plans, many pretty much put the whole issue to bed. That is not a wise move, according to estate planning experts. Arkansas residents need to revisit those plans as their lives change.There are some particular things in an estate plan, too, that bear going over every once in a while.

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