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March 2019 Archives

Arkansas estate planning and foreign investments

Some Americans venture away from home when it comes to investments and put some of their funds into foreign markets. Arkansas residents who have foreign investments need to be aware that the right kind of estate planning can help them to protect those assets. Having experienced advisors weighing in on prospective investments is a step in the right direction before even considering foreign markets.

A few golden rules of effective estate planning in Arkansas

Cost effectiveness is a key element in a good, overall estate plan. One of the goals of positive estate planning is to have beneficiaries in Arkansas get the most out of what they've been bequeathed. One of the things that matters most is making sure all documents in an estate plan are legally binding and current. There are a few golden rules of estate planning of which every adult should be aware before drafting a personal plan.

Luke Perry looked after family with estate planning documents

Luke Perry made sure his family would be looked after. Arkansas residents should look to the late actor -- only 52 years old when he died -- as a role model for estate planning. Perry had his estate in order before he died due to complications of a massive stroke. Because of that planning, his loved ones didn't have to worry about having to make serious decisions without knowing what he would have wanted. 

Estate planning: Resolving finances after death of loved ones

Emotions can run rampant when a beloved family member passes away. For those Arkansas residents who are left behind and having to go through their loved ones' estate planning documents, there are some words of wisdom to heed before making any major decisions. Grief can cause a great amount of stress and financial decisions related to a deceased person's estate plan should be made with a clear head. Experts suggest people put off making major decisions, such as selling a house, until about six months have passed after a person's death.

Estate planning should not be one-size-fits-all

Every child has individual needs, goals and challenges. Although many parents recognize this, they often fail to incorporate this knowledge when estate planning. Although many parents want to leave their assets to their children, simple estate plans can put children into situations they are not prepared to handle. This can risk family assets being squandered or misused.

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