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September 2019 Archives

Sibling rivalry can affect trust decisions when estate planning

Parents of more than one child often understand sibling rivalry well. Despite their best efforts to lessen the competition between the children, many siblings continue to squabble well into their adult years. As a result, many Arkansas parents keep this in mind when estate planning.

Revocable living trusts can offer privacy benefits

The reasons that people choose to use certain estate planning tools rather than others are often unique to each person. Some individuals may feel that a simple will is enough because they do not have many assets, and some Arkansas residents may feel that trusts would help them protect their assets and express their wishes. Of course, they must determine what type of trust would work for them.

The advantages of a special needs trust

Estate planning isn’t just a tool for the super-wealthy to pass along their assets to future generations. It’s also crucial in providing for the future of children with special needs. Creating a special needs trust (SNT) is a good option for many families here in Arkansas.

Trust administration could see certain complications

The many options available for estate planning make it easier for individuals to create unique plans for themselves. Many Arkansas residents choose to utilize trusts in efforts to protect their assets and to avoid probate proceedings. This tool can be immensely useful, but some parties may have questions about trust administration.

Who can have control over trusts after a person's passing?

The estate planning tools that Arkansas residents use may differ depending on the specific details of their estates and their lives. However, it is usually a beneficial step to consider using trusts as part of these plans. This tool can provide a greater sense of control over assets while also providing extra protection.

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