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October 2019 Archives

Special needs trusts can prevent unintended mishaps

Having a child with special needs often requires parents to think creatively in many situations. Their child may need to approach certain scenarios differently, and parents may need to find the best approaches for their child. Of course, because parents in Arkansas want to do what is best for their children, they do not want to inadvertently cause financial hardships in the future. Therefore, they may want to consider creating special needs trusts when estate planning.

Trusts have many benefits, including easing transitions

When exploring the various ways in which Arkansas residents can create comprehensive and effective estate plans, some may overlook certain planning tools. In particular, it is not uncommon for people to think that they do not need trusts for their plans. However, utilizing this planning option can have many benefits and go a long way in making certain matters easier after a person's passing.

Trusts could help grandparents leave assets to grandkids

Having children is a wonderful experience, and when Arkansas residents' children have children, they may feel overjoyed to become grandparents. Of course, new additions to families may have older individuals reconsidering their estate plans. They may want to leave assets to these younger generations, and trusts may allow them to do so effectively.

Trusts can be useful when wanting to leave a legacy

Most Arkansas residents want to leave something behind for their families after their passing. Fortunately, individuals can utilize estate planning opportunities to detail how they want their legacies to live on. In particular, trusts can be useful tools for ensuring that assets are protected and that the decedent still has a say in the use of those assets.

Estate planning after having a child could include a trust

Anyone who has just had a child can be feeling many emotions. New parents can feel joy, apprehension, worry, excitement and numerous other feelings, and it can sometimes seem overwhelming. Because they want the best for their children, new Arkansas parents may want to look into estate planning and how it can benefit their kids.

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