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November 2019 Archives

Do not miss out on the benefits of trusts

Finding the right estate planning tools is not always easy. Some Arkansas residents may think that what they are already using is enough or that they should not even consider certain tools because they likely would not benefit from them. However, too many people overlook the uses of trusts, and this tool can have a number of helpful aspects for anyone.

Too many people are shying away from using trusts

Many Arkansas residents may be thinking about what they would like to do with their assets. It is common for older people to begin thinking about asset distribution and how they want their affairs settled after their passing, but really, it is important for individuals of any adult age to give thought to such matters. Similarly, it is important for individuals of any income level to consider using trusts.

Could a disclaimer trust suit estate planning needs?

Many Arkansas residents want to use their estate plans to protect their assets. This desire is common and wise as estate planning can work to protect assets in various ways. In particular, individuals may use various types of trusts to ensure that their assets are managed the way they desire.

Information is important during trust administration

A trust is a useful tool when it comes to ensuring that assets are distributed or otherwise handled properly after an Arkansas resident's death. Of course, trust administration can be difficult, and it is common for surviving loved ones to have questions after a person's passing. Fortunately, it is typically not difficult to find answers to those questions.

What do international couples need to know about estate planning?

Finding love across cultures and across national borders is a beautiful thing. It takes special people to overcome your differences…and all the paperwork. Unfortunately, like most things related to citizenship, estate planning if you or your spouse is not a U.S. citizen requires careful preparation.

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