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March 2020 Archives

Trusts can handle specific estate planning wishes

Making headway on an estate plan can be exciting. Arkansas residents going through this process may feel accomplished and relieved that they are tackling such an important task. Though some may start out with only the basic tools, others may want to branch out their estate planning efforts by using trusts.

Three benefits of creating an estate plan

As people get older, they naturally think more about the legacy they will leave behind. You might also think about what assets or property you are going to leave behind as well. However, unless you have an estate plan in place, your strategy to provide for your children and grandchildren may not go as you intended. Without this legal document in place, your heirs will not receive what you specifically set aside for them.

Considering trustee candidates is important when estate planning

Many Arkansas residents make the wise choice to include trusts in their estate plans. This tool can add numerous benefits to any plan and can bring more peace of mind to those who are estate planning. Of course, it is important to remember that a trust needs a trustee and that choosing the right person needs some thought.

Available assets can help fund trusts now

Throughout life, most Arkansas residents work hard to generate assets that can help them maintain a desired lifestyle and allow them to care for their families. Because it does take such hard work to reach this point, most individuals want to protect their assets as best as possible. Fortunately, trusts can help them do that.

Can trusts help donate assets to charity?

Protecting assets for loved ones and making sure that they have what they need is important to many Arkansas residents. However, it is also common for people to want to help those outside their families by volunteering or donating to charity. For some, donating assets to charity after their passing is something they want to accomplish, and fortunately, trusts can help.

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