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April 2020 Archives

Having the necessary documents is vital to trust administration

Being appointed as a trustee is a serious action. Arkansas residents who are acting in this role will have a great deal of responsibility as they have the duty of settling the trust in accordance with the trustmaker's wishes and state laws. If individuals do not have experience with the trust administration process, it can certainly seem complicated.

The right information may take the intimidation out of trusts

It is easy to feel intimidated by aspects of estate planning that go beyond just a will. However, this feeling of intimidation often stems from a lack of information. In fact, many Arkansas residents may feel more willing to utilize trusts as part of their estate plans if they know how to create them.

Trusts need trustees, but appointing them can be tricky

Many estate planning tools need to have an outside party in charge. For example, Arkansas residents who set up trusts need to appoint trustees or successor trustees to manage those accounts. As a result, it is important that individuals choose the right person, which is not always easy.

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