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Should adult children have the estate planning talk with parents?

Children obviously need to be looked after by their parents. Those tables can turn and in some circumstances, adult children in Arkansas have to suggest to their parents that it might be time to look into some estate planning, which can include important issues like long term care. Having something on paper is especially prudent should the unforeseen happen -- like the onset of early dementia.

Some adult children might have trouble initiating the estate planning conversation with their parents. But it is a conversation that can be brought up without creating a lot of angst -- perhaps simply by asking parents what they see their retirement years looking like. It can be done in a way that doesn't threaten a parent's role as a helper and guider for their children. Children might bring themselves into the conversation by suggesting they're beginning to plan their estates and were wondering how their parents handled it.

Many adult children are concerned their parents won't have enough resources to sustain themselves in their retirement years. Having a talk sooner rather than later may thwart any problems down the road. A retirement talk could lead to an estate planning discussion.

An Arkansas estate planning attorney may be able to provide a client with some tips on how to approach parents about their estate plans. The conversation doesn't have to be uncomfortable if approached in an atmosphere of caring and concern. A lawyer might be able to provide the right language and information to get a much-needed conversation started -- for the welfare of all concerned.  

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