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Micro estate planning: Looking after kids' best interests

Parents may wish to give thought about what might happen to their kids immediately after they parents pass away. General estate planning can provide the names of guardians for the children, but what about immediate guardianship? This is where micro estate planning may be something for Arkansas parents to consider.

Estate planning in Arkansas: Getting the right help

Preparing for life's unforeseen events is a good thing. Arkansas residents who are considering venturing into the realm of estate planning, may wish to consider not going it alone. Some of the programs that are offered online aren't all-encompassing either and can cost more in the long run. Much depends on a person's unique circumstances and what's involved in terms of assets, yet it is typically always wise to get the help of a an estate planning attorney.

Easing the emotional blocks of estate planning

There are two issues most people don't want to discuss -- death and taxes. However, they're the very things that Arkansas residents need to ponder when they're making estate planning decisions. When people look at this planning from the perspective of how it will benefit their loved ones, it is likely to become easier. The first thing to realize is that simply planning around end-of-life issues doesn't actually bring about death.

Estate planning tips for those married to non-US citizens

Love doesn't understand boundaries. And so there are times when U.S. citizens fall in love and marry citizens of another country. But how does that affect things in Arkansas when it comes to estate planning? There are actually three areas of which to be mindful in these cases.

Making business succession planning a part of estate planning

Business owners likely know that during the course of planning their estates, they might also look into succession planning for their businesses. Top notch estate planning in Arkansas is all-encompassing and leaves no stone unturned. A business, for most entrepreneurs, is akin to a child -- it's born, nurtured, raised and ultimately one day, let go of in some fashion.

Not trying to sidestep probate may be estate planning error

Probate can be a big pain -- not to mention costly -- so not trying to avoid it might be a mistake. Arkansas residents involved in estate planning may already know that assets that go to beneficiaries usually have to pass through the probate process. And to complicate matters, the estates of those who own properties in more than one state may have to go through the process in those states as well.

Estate planning for same-sex couples in Arkansas

The definition of family has changed drastically. Same-sex couples can now marry legally in Arkansas as in all states and are able to access all the estate planning tools and advice that have been available to their heterosexual counterparts for years. But many have yet to take advantage of it.

Arkansas estate planning: No plan means more grief for loved ones

Dying without an estate plan can leave already grieving loved ones with more woes down the line. When Arkansas residents take the time for estate planning, they are essentially giving their family members a gift. Dying without having anything in place, including a will -- or dying intestate -- means that the state will, in effect, create a will for the deceased person. So, not having proper documents in place is not conducive to having the true last wishes of the deceased carried out.

Estate planning for blended families in Arkansas

Long gone are the days when most married couples stayed married, and 'til death do us part' doesn't seem to be the case in many instances. Divorce and remarriage is relatively common these days, and the individuals may become stepparents and hence -- the birth of the blended family. Arkansas residents who are considering estate planning and who are in a blended family may do well to consider a few important issues as they make the foray into getting their affairs in order.

Arkansas estate planning: Avoidable probate problems

For those individuals who take the time to plan their estates, knowing beforehand what mistakes to avoid when doing so can save all concerned a lot of headaches. Knowing the ins and outs of estate planning can be of great benefit to Arkansas residents. The probate process is one area that would serve residents well to understand before writing their directives. Trying to avoid it, in other words, might be a very wise move.

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