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Arkansas estate planning: An irrevocable trust and Medicaid

Getting older can certainly put a dent in a person's pocketbook, especially if extra care is needed -- and it usually is. Aging Arkansas residents should know that living in a nursing home can be incredibly expensive – more than $80,000 a year in many cases. Medicaid usually foots the bill for 60% of that cost, so it tries to recoup the rest by making seniors spend their own assets. In order to qualify for Medicaid in the first place, a person must have $2,205 or less in income a month and $2,000 or less in assets. Proper estate planning may help.

Estate planning issues for international heirs living in Arkansas

America is known as the land of opportunity that has brought many people from abroad who make the country their home. Often, adult children leave their native lands to either go to school in the States or to find employment. Some of those individuals, who may be living in Arkansas, may have some issues when it comes to the estate planning efforts of their benefactors, who are usually their parents.

What to look for in an estate planning attorney

Those who are planning their estates are likely to need help in doing so. An estate planning attorney is in a position to be able to guide a client based on his or her personal needs and the laws of Arkansas. But it is important to know what to ask a lawyer as a person begins planning an estate.

Estate planning: Do assets have to be divided equally among kids?

When writing an estate plan, it's up to the testator to split assets how he or she sees fit. Arkansas residents may be wondering if they should be splitting assets equally among their children, but that is not a rule of estate planning. A plan can be tailored to fit individual needs, especially when one beneficiary is less well off than others, but communication is the key.

How Arkansas residents can keep the peace with estate planning

Most people want to make sure that they leave their loved ones with not only fond memories but perhaps something that may benefit them financially. When Arkansas residents sit down to think about estate planning, they may also be thinking about how they can keep everyone happy and keep peace in the family. Deciding on who gets what can be stressful, especially when adult children are involved. 

Making DIY changes to estate planning documents

There may be times when changes are needed to an estate plan. As life changes, Arkansas residents may be tempted to make estate planning changes on their own, but doing so may come with a number of problems down the road. It's true testators can make their own changes, but it is usually advisable to have an attorney at least have a look at those changes to make sure they adhere to state laws. 

Estate planning is crucial for Arkansas entrepreneurs

One of the reasons people choose to write estate plans is for protecting the people and things that are important to them. It's no different for Arkansas residents who own businesses. Most want to ensure their estate planning paves the way for their businesses to continue without them, so there are some important things of which entrepreneurs should be aware when safeguarding their businesses as well as their loved ones. Savings and insurance are usually not enough, while comprehensive estate planning documents usually are.

The importance of an estate planning checklist

No one likes to think about dying, but if thinking about the welfare of loved ones left behind is part of the process, it is something that needs pondering. Estate planning is part of that process and Arkansas residents who want to ensure their loved ones are taken care of when they are no longer around may want to develop a planning checklist. Such a list will help individuals to have a comprehensive estate plan.

Estate planning: Considerations about giving money away

Many people can make a big impact on the world once they've departed it. Part of estate planning for Arkansas residents entails how and to whom they will leave assets once they've died. The thought of giving money away comes with various emotions and before making decisions, and there are a few things testators should consider, such as whether giving can be a part of the scenario while living.

Estate planning: Most people can benefit from trusts

Understandably, many Arkansas residents and others across the country may not fully understand the benefits of the many options available for end-of-life planning. Some parties may think that they do not need to incorporate trusts when estate planning, but often, they hold this notion because they do not have the right information about trusts. In reality, this planning tool can benefit most individuals.

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